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Helping you succeed in 2020


About Our Public Relations Agency

At Bowens & Co., we do what it takes to help clients succeed. Our dedicated, experienced team incorporates innovative ideas and strategies to ensure our clients reach their goals. Since 2000, we have been leaders in creating news, overcoming crises and improving public images at the state, local and national level.


Hot Off the Press

Our Latest and Greatest


Succeeding  in a pandemic...

We were the first to raise the alarm about COVID-19s impact on the African American community. Our public, media and social media activism around combating the virus generated greater awareness and focused public health messages to save lives. We can do the same for you and your goals.

This is what we've been doing in 2020

*Raising Awareness Fighting COVID-19

* Organizing Black Owned Businesses

* Providing Critical Political Insight

*Helping Businesses Succeed During the Pandemic

*Managing Social Media Platforms



Partnerships You Can Trust

Your success is at hand...

  At Bowens & Co., we are proud of the partnerships we have built with our clients. We have the pleasure of serving many of region's leading businesses, labor unions, community groups, political campaigns and public figures on matters big and small. 

  For this reason, our client list is proprietary information designed to protect client confidentiality. Trust us to handle your sensitive issues in ways that allow you to put your best foot forward on the solid foundation of truth.

  And trust us to help you reach your clients, the public and the media -- even during a global pandemic.

This what we can do for you in 2020...

* Reach the media - we leverage our skills and experience dealing with the news media to reach your target audiences and ensure maximum coverage.

*Make your social media relevant to bring in business - your public image is your social media image and that impacts your bottom line. We manage that for you.

*Manage crises - we get you through the PR nightmare and back on track.

*Help you and your brand shine - we build on your success and increase your connections to the communities you serve.

*Employee, client, community and investor communications - we help you craft and get your message out to the people you need to reach.

*Political consulting - pandemic politics is adding a new level of dynamics to elections and public policy. We help you succeed at both.



Feel free to get in touch for more information about our Public Relations Agency, the services we offer, or with general enquiries.


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